Schooner Heritage

The Schooner

  Size: BIG!!
  Length on deck: 95'
  Length over all: 145'
  Beam: 24'
  Draft: 8'
  (18' centerboard down)
  Sail area: 5200'
  Power: Yawl Boat

The Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 594-8007

The Heritage is the newest coasting schooner carrying passengers along the Maine coast. It was designed and built by Captains Doug and Linda Lee at the historic North End Shipyard in Rockland. Sailing during the summer and working on the Heritage during the off-season, the project took a year of planning and four years of construction. The launching on April 16, 1983 was attended by thousands of people, including crews from all three national television networks.

Many details were incorporated into the design of the schooner specifically for the comfort of guests. Full headroom below decks eliminates the need to stoop while in one's cabin; stairs instead of ladders make it easier to go below; skylights allow sunlight to brighten below deck compartments, and a spacious galley accommodates all guests and crew during mealtime while serving as a comfortable retreat at other times.

Attention to tradition makes the new schooner Heritage an authentic Maine coasting schooner. When it's time to hoist the anchor and raise the sails, the authentic 1921 deck engine can be called into service. The distinctive sound sings out as the gaff inches its way up the mast, sails unfurling ready to catch the wind again.

The yawlboat provides power for the schooner when needed. With hand on the tiller, Linda manuevers it into position until it gently kisses the transom and nudges the schooner along. Guests aren't disturbed by the sound or fumes of a diesel engine and unless they're watching don't even realize that the yawlboat is at work. When the yawlboat is released from her stern davits, the beautifully carved gold leaf eagle and attractive name board adorning the schooner's transom proudly announce to all that the mighty Heritage retains the beauty of the historic vessels of yesteryear.

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